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2014 Zambezi Tanners expects to reopen after effluent shutdown

6th Jun 2014 , S&V African Leather

Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) – Crocodile and game skin tannery Zambezi Tanners is awaiting approval from the Environmental Management Agency to reopen its wet end after 2 weeks of intensive efforts to improve its effluent treatment system and change its tanning processes to reduce the chrome and salt content of its effluent.

GM Johnny Kleynhans said Zambezi was closed by the EMA on May 23. On Monday, June 2, it was allowed to reopen its drying plant, which doesn’t contribute to the effluent.

He said with assistance from Lanxess, Zambezi had improved the aeration, settlement and filtration of is effluent, and that it was still busy upgrading its treatment plant to include a reed bed.

“We hope this exercise will result in a model effluent plant which can serve as an example to other tanneries – and to other industries.

“We’ve lost 2 weeks’ production, but we accept that we have a social responsibility to improve our effluent.”




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